North Creek Channel Relocation Bothell, Washington

In restoring the natural morphology of North Creek, the channel was relocated to reconnected 3,800 feet of the stream to its associated 60 acres of wetlands. The restoration of native plant communities in the floodplain was also a focus in improving the habitat for both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species.

Restoration to Natural State for An Improved Habitat and Open Space

As part of larger improvements to the campuses of University of Washington-Bothell and Cascade College (CC), the North Creek Channel relocation was designed alongside a regional trail and a boardwalk. The developed public open space features interpretive exhibits that extend out into the restored floodplain. In restoring this lowland portion of the site, the meander length, curve radius, bankfull depth, and width-to-depth ratio of North Creek were returned to its natural status. The Otak team based this design on historical information, regional references for similar streams, reference reaches both onsite and upstream.

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Natural Systems Design
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