iQ Credit Union Oregon, Washington


With a unique brand and company culture in focus, iQ Credit Union made plans for a new branch design that reflects those elements. Aimed at highlighting an emphasis on the health and welfare of both employees and the surrounding community, the overarching design includes an emphasis on employee wellness. In leading the design effort, Otak also served as a certification consultant with an aim of earning WELL Platinum across branch locations in the Pacific Northwest.

A Branch Design Reflecting Brand Values and WELL Certification Criteria

In this architectural application of brand guidelines, iQ Credit Union aimed for a more modern branch design that maintained brand standards. Working with the Otak team from concept to construction, an exterior branding vision board was developed with a focus on accentuating features found in the northwest and iQ’s established brand values. With an emphasis placed on earning WELL certification, branches were designed to promote employee wellbeing. Features ranging from the inclusion of a mother’s room to the use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials contribute toward meeting all concepts of WELL criteria. Resulting themes of transparency, varied massing, an interesting articulation of the drive-through, as well as regional materials and accents are also prominent elements of the final design. A priority of sustainability is highlighted by the use of locally-sourced materials, low flow fixtures, an exposed wood structure, and an emphasis on natural daylighting and sun shading.

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