Godfrey Ditch Diversion Structure Reconstruction Weld County, Colorado

As a multiple-benefit diversion project, the reconstruction of Godfrey Ditch aims to reduce sediment transport disruptions, improve maintenance requirements, limit damage potential in future floods, enhance aquatic and riparian habitats, and enable fish and safe recreational boating passage—all while delivering the full decree of water. Based on an initial study of interactions between water and sediment within a 20-mile segment of the Middle South Platte River, engineers and geomorphologists reconfigured the Godfrey diversion in order to restore longitudinal sediment continuity, thus improving disparities in sediment transport through the reach.

Geomorphic Study Informs the Design-Build of a Diversion Structure Replacement

Located on the Middle South Platte River in Weld County, Colorado, the replacement of the Godfrey Ditch Diversion structure is a design-build project completed in partnership with Naranjo Civil Constructors and in close coordination with CPRW and the Godfrey Ditch Board. After a comprehensive alternatives analysis with project stakeholders, the selected alternative involving moving the point of diversion upstream 350 feet to a more stable location and replacing the nine-foot failing structure with a three-foot-tall bladder dam structure, fish passage ramp, and increased efficiencies in ditch infrastructure. In leading the geomorphic study and throughout the project, the Otak team coordinated closely with DOLA (to ensure the proposed design meets the goals of the funding grant), landowners (to coordinate concerns regarding an adjacent parcel with a stringent water court decree), the Godfrey Ditch Board (to address their concerns regarding sediment minimization/maintenance and to ensure they will be able to divert their full decree), and local/state/federal agencies (to ensure permit requirements were being met).

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