Edith Moulton Park Kirkland, Washington

When Edith Moulton donated her family’s farmstead to King County in the 1960s, she hoped for her home to become a park “for children to play in nature.” The 26-acre wonderland contained trails traveling around an old growth conifer forest, a meadow, and the salmon-bearing Juanita Creek.

A Master Plan Process for an Accessible Park Design

Decades later, with the park bordered by families and an elementary school, the City of Kirkland sought to make Edith’s dream a reality. Through an engaging master plan process, Otak and the Kirkland community created a family-friendly place that preserves and celebrates the former farmstead’s natural beauty. From upgrading existing trails to ADA standards to a 400-foot open-grate boardwalk along Juanita Creek, the community-inspired design emphasizes accessibility and sustainability. Other improvements include a popular off-leash dog trail, a picnic pavilion and restrooms, a climbing structure, and two pedestrian bridges over Juanita Creek.

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“I enjoy planning at various scales and understanding how people interact with spaces and environments to ultimately improve those experiences.”

Mandi Roberts


Director of Planning & Landscape Architecture