Crystal Springs Creek Floodplain Map Portland, Oregon

The City of Portland aimed to enhance conditions along Crystal Springs Creek, a major tributary to Johnson Creek, to benefit native fish and wildlife and improve water quality. Those enhancements were done through stream restoration and replacement of undersized culverts that were barriers to fish migration.

Finding Efficiency in the Culvert Replacement Process

The creek is largely spring fed, which results in cool and uniform streamflow throughout the year that provides significant habitat for salmon, birds, and other wildlife. It was originally expected that there would be a need to prepare a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) based on hydraulic modeling and mapping by the US Geological Survey. Through initial work on the project however, it was determined that a no-rise condition could be demonstrated and a CLOMR would not be necessary. Otak then worked with the City to prepare a Letter of Map revision after the last culvert replacement project was constructed. The work included hydraulic modeling, floodplain mapping, and assisting the City with individual property and public notifications. Now that half of Crystal Springs has been restored, salmon find colder, cleaner water and more abundant food and shelter.

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