Confidential Hyper-scale Data Center: Washington

Otak CPM is providing owner representation design management services to this confidential NW client for mission critical projects overseeing multiple design firms across the western continent for a confidential global client. Our team is providing oversite on the site due diligence reports, schematic design deliverables, reviews, performing design construction administration and developing training programs for other design team managers. The total program represents over 5,640,000 sf of mission critical development and a combined program value in excess of >$5.6B US.

The client and our project team has learned the cultural and jurisdictional differences in environmental and building permitting. Each of the countries in LATAM as well as the different Provinces in Canada present unique differences to the teams as compared to the usual methods encountered in the US.

Currently each of the 47 separate data center facilities upon the western continent include, campus site development, infrastructure, large amounts of power and water. With strict delivered timelines so that colocation sales and connectivity commitments can be met in a fast-paced growing market.

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