Abaiang Drought Management Plan Abaiang, Kiribati

Otak developed a community drought management and response plan for the Island of Abaiang. This required detailed consultation with local government and community stakeholders to develop a pragmatic plan to prepare for, respond to, and manage the impacts of drought at village and island level. National level consultations were held with Ministry of Public Works and Utilities, Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Disaster Risk Management Unit (advisers to Cabinet) to align with national policies and ensure an effectively streamlined communication plan – including when and how national emergency assistance will be coordinated. With Kiribati Met Service, we developed a simple method for triggering three warning levels of drought risk, including drought declaration. We provided capacity-building training to appropriate parties at a national and island level.

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Water Resources Engineering
“Otak has always provided me with the opportunity to chart my own course and surround myself with amazing, talented, and interesting people.”

Kevin Timmins

Director of Water & Natural Resources