NOAA Marine Operations Center – Pacific Facility: Newport, Oregon

The new, 5.5-acre Marine Operations Center serves as the homeport and provides administrative, engineering, maintenance, and logistical support for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific fleet. Otak CPM provided owner’s representative services during construction, and we made significant efforts to remain eco-friendly and minimize disturbances to aquatic habitats. For example, an adjacent jetting/vibrating pile system minimized acoustic disturbance while the piles were installed and a precast superstructure using glass beads in an epoxy coating below deck brightened shallow-water salmon habitat. The center includes a two-story office, a guard station, hazardous materials storage, shops, a dock, a 1,300-foot-long wharf, and a boat warehouse. We managed budgets and schedule, coordinated the architect and engineer team, selected the contractor, coordinated among agency staff, and helped the Port of Newport to meet leasing requirements and navigate through permitting. We completed construction a week ahead of schedule and $1 million under budget.

“The depth of talent on the Otak CPM team is striking. They have paid their expenses in the savings they’ve brought to the project. Their approach to transparency is exemplary. There are no questions too small or mundane to ask, and all are given the full weight of considered timely response. Their team is readily accessible and understands the nuances of the customer, as well as public relations.” – Ginny Goblirsch and Joann Barton, Past Presidents, Port of Newport Commissioners

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Principal in Charge
“Our mission is to provide high-integrity leadership, always acting from the client’s perspective. We listen and then lead from humility with kindness and empathy, always speaking truth to create a culture of honor and respect.”

Mike Day

CPM Founder/Senior Advisor