Master of Science, Civil Engineering - Hydrology (University of Washington)

Bachelor of Science, Agriculture - Environmental Resource Management (Pennsylvania State University)

Low Impact Development Certificate Program (Washington State University)


Professional Engineer

Greg Laird, PE
Greg Laird, PE
Principal | Water Resources

Greg has 34 years of experience as a hydrologist analyzing all aspects of water resources, particularly stormwater and floodplain management. He has led the design of stormwater management facilities for projects ranging from large interstate highway projects to private golf courses. His design experience benefits from extensive work in the field, from field sampling through construction inspection and management. Greg has designed and provided construction support services for mitigation projects to create estuaries, protect shorelines, stabilize streambanks and restore fish habitats. He has presented several of his projects at conferences across the country for organizations including the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, American Water Resources Association and River Restoration Northwest.