Northeast Redevelopment Area Survey

Location: Burien, WA
Client: City of Burien

Otak is leading this project to develop a plan that will transform the area from an existing mixture of vacant, residential, and small commercial land uses to uses that are compatible with the community’s vision, operations at the adjacent Sea-Tac Airport, and market conditions for the area. The 162-acre Northeast Redevelopment Area (NERA) is located between 8th Avenue South, Des Moines Memorial Drive, and South 138th Street. Otak's surveying and mapping group is responsible for :
• Hydrology surveys of Miller Creek
• Topography surveys for design of stormwater facilities, park, trail, and transportation planning
• Wetland and sensitive area surveys
• Parcel boundary and street right-of-way resolution
• Boundary line adjustment map
• Legal descriptions and exhibits for easement document support
• Alignment staking