Abu Dhabi Urban Street Design Manual

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

The far-reaching “Plan Abu Dhabi 2030” envisions transforming Abu Dhabi into a leading example of a walkable, sustainable Arab city. In 2009, the Urban Planning Council appointed Otak International to develop its first Urban Street Design Manual to reflect the principles of the plan, and serve as the design guide for all urban streets in the Emirate. The manual addresses the changing priorities of street users and places pedestrians at the top of the list. It introduces a new street typology system based on context and urban form as well as traffic needs. The street design process is defined to include overall network connectivity and promotes increased capacity within street networks. Design guidance related to pedestrian accessibility, bicycling and transit facilities is also provided, along with recommendations for streetscape enhancements, native and drought-tolerant landscaping appropriate for the ecosystems of the Emirate and the importance of shadeways in encouraging walking and access to transit.

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