Fernwood Road Utility Improvements

Location: Newberg, OR
Client: City of Newberg

To facilitate future economic development, the City of Newberg focused on an outlying area near the northeasterly City limits requiring extension of its major sewer and water services. This undertaking required 3,800 feet each of water-transmission and sewer lines, 3,500 feet of sewer force main and a sewer pump station capable of 2.5 million gallons per day. Designing the pump station included reviewing current field conditions, as the site was adjacent to sensitive wetlands. Otak managed a multi-disciplinary team that included civil engineering and utility design, electrical and mechanical design, wetlands delineation, geotechnical engineering and pump station building design. Project coordination involved a stakeholder committee composed of property owners and local businesses to ensure that proposed improvements would enable future development of this area of the City.