East Grand Avenue Sewer System Replacement

Location: Everett, WA
Client: City of Everett

Otak provided design services for this project consisted that of a 25-block area of the Riverside neighborhood, located between I-5, SR 2, and the Snohomish River. The existing sewer system was a combined system (sanitary and stormwater) and the project involved disconnecting and removing the stormwater, installing a separate stormwater pipe network, and replacing and rehabilitating portions of the existing sewer system. The sewer replacement and rehabilitation portion of the project includes 5,700 LF of 8- to 12-inch open-trench pipe replacements; 3,800 LF of 15- to 18-inch and 42-inch trenchless pipe rehabilitation (pipe bursting and slip line); 1,400 LF of 8- and 24-inch open-trench new sanitary pipe installation; replacement of over 50 manhole structures; reconnection of more than 150 side sewers; and street and alley pavement restoration. Services include surveying and base mapping; utility coordination; hydraulic analysis; preliminary design alternatives; public involvement; geotechnical investigation; preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates; permitting; and construction engineering services.

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