15 West and 13 West Apartments

Location: Vancouver, WA
Client: DBG Properties

15 West, along with the adjacent 13 West, is part of a sustainable, affordable neighborhood in the heart of Vancouver, Washington. 15 West provides 120 affordable housing units in the urban center of Vancouver, with local BRT and bus lines providing access to jobs throughout Vancouver and the Portland Metro Area.  The five-story 13 West provides 96 units of workforce housing and includes a community room, management office, bike storage, and two live/work units. These projects, completed by the same development team, bring a density that Vancouver has long sought but has only recently been able to achieve. Special attention was paid to building massing along the couplet streets, while pedestrian-oriented details were incorporated along the single pedestrian-friendly street forming the triangle. 15 West incorporates many sustainability strategies to meet Washington State’s stringent Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard and qualify for state funding. While the project siteis developed densely, it makes careful use of outdoor space to accommodate a community garden and a playground carefully buffered from nearby traffic.