November focus: Architectures Global Vision

Portland Business Tribune, November 19, 2017

By: Melody Finnemore

International projects provide perspective, lessons learned for Portland design firms

Portland's expertise in architecture, engineering and urban planning is in high demand overseas, and the global market is providing some valuable learning opportunities for local design and planning professionals as well as their counterparts abroad.

Glen Bolen, AICP, a senior planner at Otak Inc., recently returned from a three-week visit to the country of Georgia, bordering Turkey, where he participated in a series of focus groups in three distinct regions to help municipal leaders define their needs and assets. The regional leaders will use that information to prioritize projects that develop infrastructure and create economic opportunities, and apply for low-interest loans from the Asia Development Bank to fund those projects.

"The primary drive for the sorting of these projects is the three Es — environment, equity and economics — or what we call here the triple bottom line," Bolen said.


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