Growing Transit Communities: East Corridor Implementation Support

January 30, 2013


Otak is working with the Growing Transit Communities Partnership of Puget Sound Regional Council, including the cities of Bellevue and Redmond, Washington, to realize the vision for equitable transit communities along the proposed East Link light rail transit (LRT) and existing King County Metro RapidRide bus rapid transit (BRT) lines. The first phase of work provided best practices research and high level assessments of seven station areas on the Eastside. The second phase of work focuses on implementation support for two station areas in the Bel-Red Corridor, 130th Avenue NE/Goff Creek in Bellevue and Overlake Village in Redmond, and includes developing project-specific budgets and strategies to encourage private and public investment in the highest priority locations. Key focus areas of the work include: affordable housing, business retention and attraction, partnerships, and transportation access and connectivity.

The team is identifying pivotal opportunities to transform Eastside station areas into more vibrant, economically healthy neighborhoods that offer equitable housing choices, more convenient access to jobs and better connectivity to goods and services. The project will support immediate advancement of the implementation of visions and plans already developed by participating jurisdictions. Transit-oriented communities along the rapid transit routes will connect residents with key employment centers such as downtown Bellevue and the Microsoft world headquarters in Redmond’s Overlake District strengthening the Eastside’s jobs-to-housing balance. Preservation of open space and riparian areas and creation of new active public spaces, parks, and amenities are key objectives in delivering holistic community development to create a sense of place within the emerging urban neighborhoods. In a parallel project, Otak is also working with the City of Redmond to implement regional stormwater facilities in Overlake Village to support the coming growth.

Mandi Roberts, AICP/PLA, is the Otak principal leading the consultant team, which includes Kurt Creager, Tom Litster, Jenny Ngo, Marissa Chargualaf, and other Otak team members, as well as subconsultants BAE Urban Economics and Nelson\Nygaard Consulting. The team is working closely with an advisory committee of regional partners and also provides regular briefings to the East Corridor Task Force. For more information about the Growing Transit Communities Partnership, visit: