From rock quarry to rock-star development

Vancouver Business Journal, August 18, 2017

By: staff

Columbia Palisades project at 192nd & Brady Rd. will begin to take shape over next few months

Big machinery scurrying about is no strange sight on the 84 acres surrounding the intersection of Brady Rd. and 192nd Avenue – after all, the area has been a rock quarry for more than 135 years. Tons and tons of rock from the site have made their way in various forms into countless projects around the county and beyond – including huge boulders (some weighing more than 30 tons each) that are now part of the Columbia River jetty and the Grays Harbor jetty. But now there is a new breed of machinery working the site, beginning to transform it from a rock quarry to a visionary mixed-use project called Columbia Palisades that will serve as the eastern gateway to Vancouver.


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