December 2019


Our Why from Otak on Vimeo.


Our why begins and ends with the people of Otak. Our teams, clients, partners, and colleagues have shared values and a common desire to enrich the communities where we live, work and play, while also preserving the environment and our natural spaces. Whether planning, designing, building and managing private and public buildings, civic spaces, wetlands and woodlands, national parks or neighborhood playgrounds, the core values of our people guide us in all that we do.

Our core values extend beyond the workplace and are intrinsic to who we are, how we serve our communities and how we live each day with our friends and families. These core values also form the basis of our work and guide us to deliver more than just projects, but to create vibrant centers for living for today and for generations to come.


This is our why and the people of Otak are at the heart of our why.


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