June 2014

Otak’s Beth Johannessen has recently passed her LEED AP Homes exam! Beth is a landscape design professional working out of our office in Tempe, Arizona, and her new accreditation will allow her to provide input on designing healthy, durable homes that produce less waste and use fewer resources. Congratulations, Beth!


Cal said:
June 23, 2014, 8:27 AM

Whoa! Neat but how does that help a landscape designer?

Beth Johannessen said:
June 23, 2014, 10:10 AM

Good question...


Not sure how familiar you are with LEED but the LEED for Homes rating system consists of requirements that relate to all aspects of the site planning, design and construction of  single-family and multi-family housing. Some of requirements relevant to landscape designers are site location and land planning, neighborhood development, outdoor water use and efficiency strategies, protection of natural habitat and existing vegetation, permeable landscapes, and landscape design and construction. A landscape designer is considered a key member of the project team and works with architects, engineers and the client as part of the integrated design process requirement. The intent of the integrated design process is to use a holistic approach to design that considers all functions of the site as part of a system with the building and landscape working together.  For Otak this means that any LEED projects we pursue, I can help meet requirements and achieve more points which could mean a higher rating and thereby a better project. 

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