September 2012


The Winkelman Park project in Beaverton, Oregon, involves creating a level soccer field, pedestrian path, and a dog park on a steeply sloping site. With 30,000 cubic yards of earthwork required, balancing cut and fill volumes in order to control costs was of primary concern for the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. The earthwork process included stripping and stockpiling site topsoil so the district would not need to import expensive material.

In order to help ensure the field could be used during wet weather, Otak designed a subgrade drainage system with drain pipes placed about 12 inches below the surface and 15 feet on center throughout the sport field area. The installation of the subgrade drainage system required specialty equipment using laser-guided trenching to ensure proper drainage was achieved over the relatively flat slopes of the field. Water intercepted by these pipes is directed to a collector pipe on each side of the field and channeled to a dispersion trench at the toe of the fill slope. The dispersion trench includes a level weir along its entire 200-foot length, so large volumes of storm water are evenly discharged into the adjacent sloping pasture land.

The project is currently under construction and is on schedule to be completed by the end of October.


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