August 2011

By Mandi Roberts, Principal, Kirkland Office

Wednesday, August 17th, may have felt like an ordinary summer day to most, but to thousands of landscape architects, it was a day of opportunity! Landscape architects from everywhere around the United States and beyond stepped outside their cubicles to let folks know exactly what the heck we do! Through canvassing and outreach to passersby in the outdoor environments we design, we enlightened the world about our mission. Armed with chalk to write on sidewalks, posters to tape on walls, buttons to pin on chests, and flyers to pass to the masses, landscape architects (including several from Otak) shared some key messages:
• We create places where people live, work, and play.
• We connect towns and cities.
• We enrich experiences.
• We turn creativity into places, imagination into cleaner air and water, and ideas into strong communities – a world designed with infinite possibilities, all through landscape architecture.

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The nationwide movement organized by the American Society of Landscape Architects was designed to reintroduce the profession of landscape architecture to the public. The campaign to build awareness about landscape architects is just beginning.  You can still get involved. To learn more, go to



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