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Sustainability | Estidama


At Otak, we believe in the integration of sustainable initiatives within our professional works and our operations. The Green Otak (GO) committee implements our vision of sustainability through three focus groups: training, operations and practice (TOP). Training helps educate Otak employees and the public about sustainability. Operations helps modify current operations to reduce our environmental footprint. Practice increases sustainable practices in our projects.

Outside our offices, we are proud of our involvement in a wide variety of LEED-certified projects including several LEED Platinum and LEED Gold projects. Our team of LEED accredited professionals has the experience and depth to direct the design process for sustainable projects through all phases of development including architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and water and environmental resources.

In addition to LEED project experience, Otak has extensive knowledge of low impact development (LID) practices. LID is a sustainable sites initiative created to deal with stormwater management concerns. We currently have several practitioners with LID certificates and many others with extensive practical experience.

Our ongoing work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also broadened our experience in sustainable design. The UAE has a sustainability program called Estidama, which has three Pearl Rating Systems for communities, buildings and villas. Otak’s Pearl Qualified Professionals (PQP) lead the design and documentation process for projects that are seeking a Pearl Rating. Although Estidama and the Pearl Rating System are relatively new to the UAE, Otak has been involved in several projects utilizing both building and community Pearl Rating Systems.