On the Boards
On the Boards

Otak professionals plan, design and engineer projects that are responsible and sustainable, and deliver on the promises our clients make to the community. We help our clients leave a lasting legacy. Below is a project currently on the boards. 



15 West; Vancouver, Washington

Located in downtown Vancouver, Washington, 15 West is an urban five-story apartment building with residential units over a ground-level parking structure.

Along 15th Avenue, a strong pedestrian base creates an urban edge. Above this solid base, the building mass is broken down to create smaller “tower” elements. From the intersection, this breaks down the façade into visually manageable pieces. The corners of these elements are slightly skewed, making a gesture to people and cars waiting at the nearby intersection. Masonry columns, planters, and canopies provide pedestrians with broad textures, forms, and shadows. At the intersection of 15th and Columbia, the ground floor contains live/work units, which provide desirable interaction with the urban environment.

Mill Plain Blvd, on the opposite side, pulls away from the site center. On this edge, the building is set perpendicular to vehicular travel, allowing street trees and outdoor landscaped areas to form the foreground of the building’s façade. The use of durable fiber cement siding, metal, and masonry creates a variety of textures and colors, which provide a rich experience for residents and passers-by. 

The project interiors are a modern “metropolitan” look design. Interior common spaces include polished concrete floors, simple wall finishes, and playful lighting arrangements. A loft-like feeling is achieved by use of continuous concrete flooring on the second floor and resilient wood-like flooring on upper floors, and lighting within each unit emanates from simple, modern, energy-efficient fixtures.



185th Street Light Rail Station Subarea Plan; Shoreline, Washington

Otak has been working with the City of Shoreline to develop an innovative subarea plan for the area surrounding the proposed light rail station east of Interstate 5 and north of 185th Street. The 185th Street Light Rail Station Subarea Plan is being shaped by public and stakeholder engagement and will result in a plan for transit-oriented land uses and zoning provisions in the subarea that supports public space enhancements, multi-modal transportation and utility system improvements, and other public infrastructure and amenities. With the adoption of the planned action and subsequent implementation, the neighborhoods in the subarea will be revitalized with a vibrant mix of land uses that offer additional housing choices, parks and recreation improvements, and other public services to support new growth. The plan aims to create a transit-oriented mix of land uses, increasing the number of residents living in proximity to the station to support a sustainable high-capacity transit system.


13 West; Vancouver, Washington

13 West will be a five-story workforce housing building in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The building will include 92 units, a community room, management office, bike storage, and two live/work units. The development of the façade and building massing evolved from the concept of a heavy “ribbon”, which frames portions of a façade. Other elements include solid forms, which are carved out to provide entry and gathering spaces. Otak’s services include architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and survey.