Yellowstone National Park Canyon Rim Trails and Overlooks Design; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

January 14, 2016

This project will enhance the visitor experience and create future stewards of Yellowstone National Park. Otak’s work will provide much-needed restoration and improvements of the deteriorating north and south rim trails and overlooks, which wrap the Canyon Rim from Inspiration Point to Artist Point. Phase 1 includes design of a new trail system and overlooks and the rehabilitation of historic elements at Inspiration Point and creation of new trails and overlooks and parking improvements at the Brink of the Upper Falls and Uncle Tom’s Point. Design solutions include re-routing trails away from dangerous areas and installing stone and boulder barriers; connecting historic overlooks with new walkways; creating safe, accessible viewing areas with new informational signage; and using natural materials to integrate the infrastructure into the spires and Canyon cliff. Construction of Phase 1 will begin in Spring 2016.

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