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PARKing Day 2016

September 16, 2016

Since 2005, the annual PARK(ing) Day event has temporarily transformed metered parking spaces into community spaces. Bringing together citizens, artists, and activists, this global event collaboratively brings new forms to public space in urban contexts.

For PARK(ing) Day 2016, Otak created a “Dream Lounge” to invite passersby to relax and enjoy a temporary parklette within the city. The parklette featured inflatable loungers to take a nap or eat lunch, a “continuous story”, and a collaborative board to post aspirations.

To engage participants, Otak posted writing prompts on two whiteboards. 

The first whiteboard contained the start to a “continuous story” with the instructions to complete the existing sentence and then start the next, leaving it open-ended for the next person to finish. The resulting story was the following:

Everything was quiet. Too quiet. That’s when I noticed the dragon terrorizing the village. I pulled on the dragon’s tail to see what would come from its mouth. Instead of fire, there came confetti and candy! 

“We all have our own reality,” replied the wizard…

I woke in a cold sweat realizing I was late for work, hurried to the car, commuted 25 miles and realized I only have ONE shoe. So, I took off my other shoe. Then I remembered it was Saturday. I decided to visit the Farmer’s Market so I could hear the bard’s song, the famous and beloved ballad “The Merry Dance of the Sugar Daddies.” 

The other whiteboard asked participants, “If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?