Centennial Trail Extension Creates New Links for Snohomish

August 26, 2011


On Friday, July 29, 2011, citizens and elected officials, including Snohomish Mayor Karen Guzak, celebrated the groundbreaking of construction on the south segment of the Centennial Trail through Snohomish. The project will complete a missing link in the Centennial Trail, providing an important connection to the Riverfront and historical Downtown Snohomish.

The new portion of Centennial Trail will connect the existing trail (currently ends at the intersection of Pine and Maple avenues) to the City’s Riverfront Trail. The completed connection will traverse the City’s Pilchuck District, which is proposed for redevelopment as a compact pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. It will also link the area’s many civic facilities to Downtown Snohomish and provide access to the City’s planned Eastside Trail and other regional trails to the east and the west.

Otak’s work on Centennial Trail consists of surveying, master planning, preliminary engineering, preparation of final construction documents, and construction administration.

The proposed improvements include a 12-foot wide asphalt trail, parking facilities, frontage improvements at street crossings, approximately four acres of landscaping, park signage, and related park amenities. The master plan included arrival landmarks with way-finding and historic interpretation opportunities, gardens, picnic sites, a large market plaza near the library, and a preserved section of rail that could include a car shed and rail car displays. Otak’s preliminary engineering included the development of preliminary intersection concepts for the Second Street and Lincoln Avenue intersection and involved several meetings with adjacent stakeholders.